Company profile & Philosophy

Bomare SA is a Geneva based company specialized in high-end colored diamonds, precious stones and unique jewelry creations. Natural colored pink, blue and yellow diamonds, large white diamonds, Burmese rubies and sapphires, Colombian emeralds and natural pearls, are the flagships of our collection. Investors and fine collectors alike will find an area of rare gems and dazzling jewelry designs.

Marc Boghossian, Swiss national from Armenian - Middle Eastern descent, founded Bomare in 1997. The Boghossian family has been in the diamond and jewelry business for more than six consecutive generations. This heritage of a flawless reputation has helped Bomare SA establish a solid and reliable worldwide network of business associates. Bomare SA has been supplying for years its gems and jewelry collections to wealthy investors, to retailers and to renowned brand names worldwide.

Bomare SA is involved with the sourcing of conflict-free rough diamonds in South Africa, in full compliance with the Kimberley Process. Our gems are then polished in New York and Antwerp and are all certified with the GIA and SSEF Laboratories. Our gems continue their journey through the hands of our experienced designers and craftsmen in our jewelry creation workshop in Geneva. All of our creations are exclusively Swiss made and there is little or no intervention of costly intermediaries thus guaranteeing our clients the best value for their investment.

We strive to establish a lasting and mutually beneficial business relationship with our customers. Our philosophy of fair trade practice and our integrity are beyond compare. Our goal is to achieve the best and to keep our customers always satisfied. 

Bomare SA is the reliable name you can trust, it is your "choice for excellence".